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Most primary care physicians don’t provide substance abuse treatment, but that is changing in Vermont
It was 2013, and a young man with opioid use disorder was invited to a meeting of senior leaders from…
Embracing Hope in the Face of Addiction
A mom works through her grief over losing her son by helping others.
Free Naloxone Kits Dispensed in Emergency Department – No Questions Asked
David Clauss, MD, medical director of the emergency departments of Elizabethtown Community Hospital and its Ticonderoga campus, says the kits have benefits beyond their potential to save lives.
Hiring Individuals in Recovery
As awareness of substance use disorders increases across the U.S., stigma remains a barrier to treatment and recovery. Aspenti is working to #StoptheStigma and you can too. Go to CCOAVT.ORG for your free guide on the benefits to hiring individuals in recovery.
UVM Medical Center Program Provides Alternatives to Medication for Patients with Chronic Pain
Catherine Huskisson was living with severe pain and finding few solutions that helped until she found the University of Vermont Medical Center's Comprehensive Pain Program.
Addiction Recovery Channel Tunes in to Help and Hope
35 years in recovery fuels inspiration for retired social worker Ed Baker’s local talk show on CCTV  Every month, when…
$6.6 million Federal Grant Establishes Rural Center of Excellence on Substance Use Disorders
Building on current strategies to address opioid addiction, the University of Vermont and the University of Vermont Medical Center will…
“People are using substances like opioids to manage the pain of life. Sometimes, the pain people experience are understandable reactions to life adversity.”
Sandra Steingard, MD of the Howard Center talks about how the public discourse regarding mental illness and drug use has been centered on a conceptualization of these problems as “illnesses like any other.”
“We want to create an environment where individuals affected by opioid addiction know they are welcome, and we want to help without judgement.”
The emergency department at UVM Health Network – Elizabethtown Community Hospital and its Ticonderoga Campus, led by David W. Clauss, MD, seeks to reduce stigma and erase judgment when treating patients with opioid use disorder.
Caring for the Most Vulnerable Victims of the Opioid Crisis: Newborns
UVM Health Network - Alice Hyde Medical Center nurses recount their experience with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
“I really love this job, because it helps deepen my own recovery.”
Hilary Denton, a Peer Recovery Coach with Turning Point Center of Central Vermont, describes her work supporting patients struggling with substance use disorders who seek treatment in the Emergency Department at UVM Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center.
Howard Center Conference Focuses on Connection
Celebrated speakers discuss value of personal relationships for those struggling with substance use and mental health challenges