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Innovative Local Partnership Attracts New Funding to Support Addiction Recovery Efforts
UVM Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center secures new grant to continue innovative response to opioid crisis in partnership with the Washington County Substance Abuse Regional Partnership.
Inventing the Wheel
Vermonters craft the “hub and spoke” — the first effective clinical approach to treating widespread opioid addiction.
“We have to own our piece of it and hold each other accountable.”
Stephen Leffler, MD, saw the opioid epidemic develop first-hand treating patients in UVM Medical Center’s Emergency Department, and now helps shape the response to it as a senior leader. He shares his perspective on how we got here, what seems to be working and what challenges lie ahead.
“We are working to address prevention, treatment access, recovery supports and employment for people with substance use disorders.”
Christine M. Johnson, Executive Director of the Chittenden County Opioid Alliance, explains how the community can help those struggling with opioid addiction with treatment, compassion and understanding.
Grant fuels research and expansion of rapid-access medication assisted treatment at UVM Health Network hospitals
People ready to begin the journey of treatment for opioid use disorder now have a new place to start: In the Emergency Department.
Together, we are making an impact
The University of Vermont Health Network works in partnership with community and government agencies across our region to fight the opioid epidemic. Together, we are making significant progress in expanding treatment and reducing death from overdose, researching new alternatives and continuing to help those struggling with substance abuse disorder find a healthier path forward. This site is designed to highlight progress and give voice to our stories of hope, challenge and promise.
“I Never Meant to Become a Heroin Addict”
Victoria overcame opiate addiction to become an amazing mom and teacher with the help of KidSafe Collaborative and their innovative CHARM program.
Why Did Opioid Overdose Deaths Drop 50% in Chittenden County?
Easier and faster access to medication-assisted treatment and efforts to blunt the impact of fentanyl helped to significantly reduce the…
Plattsburgh Emergency Department reduces opioid prescriptions by 40% using data-driven approach
Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) Emergency Department physicians are working to prevent more patients from becoming addicted. Daniel Anhalt, MD, explains how data and technology help to meet the needs of patients while reducing exposure to opioids.