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Confronting the Opioid Crisis

Stories of partnership and innovation in treatment and recovery from the UVM Health Network and our communities


‘We’re Not Wired to be Isolated’
Virtual support groups offer connection and convenience
Preserving Access to MAT During a Pandemic
Prescribing regulations are relaxed to keep recovery on track
Vermont Recovery Services Are Now a Single Call Away
Health Department Launches VTHelplink Referral Resource to help people with substance use disorder access services during the COVID-19 crisis

In The News


Inventing the Wheel
Vermonters craft the “hub and spoke” — the first effective clinical approach to treating widespread opioid addiction.

“We educate medical students on how to manage diabetes with insulin; we should be doing the same with opioid use disorder.” 


Halle Sobel, MD
Unversity of Vermont Associate Professor of Medicine