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Together, we are making an impact

Yet, that is a fact with little consolation as our region– along with the rest of the country – is battling an opioid crisis that continues to teach us that there are no easy solutions. And with a magnitude that makes it more than any one entity can solve.

The University of Vermont Health Network works in partnership with community and government agencies across our region to fight the opioid epidemic. Together, we are making significant progress in expanding treatment and reducing death from overdose, researching new alternatives and continuing to help those struggling with substance abuse disorder find a healthier path forward. This site is designed to highlight progress and give voice to our stories of hope, challenge and promise.

What distinguishes us amid this difficult and somewhat intractable crisis is our role as a health care leader, convener and collaborator with a longstanding commitment to partnering with those who share our desire to make an impact — clinical providers, law enforcement, social service organizations, government, community partners, business leaders, policymakers and influencers.

We are all touched in some way by the opioid crisis. There is power in sharing those stories. If you have experience this crisis personally or professionally, please consider sharing your story.